About Ikopta

About Ikopta.

About Ikopta


At Ikopta we pride ourselves on our professional approach to flying and Aerial film & photography.  Permission from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) means our pilots & craft are fully insured to carry out aerial work.


Ikopta can also operate throughout the UK and we are happy to undertake assignments through out the world.

About Ikopta

Ikopta was born out of passion for film & flight. With Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) also known as Drones, we are able to achieve the near impossible, adding another dimension to your film and photographic projects.

Ikopta can capture the bird’s eye view at a fraction of the cost of a traditional aerial film unit. Quick to deploy, being able to operate from ground to 400ft up, eliminating risk to life, make using UAV the number one choice for image work.

Ikopta’s expertise covers not just aerial photography from unmanned aircraft, but also the filmmaking skills needed to make best use of these amazing machines.

Ikopta strives to capture images and sequences that have never been seen before. Undertaking diverse operations, from photographing inaccessible roofs, remote wonders of the natural world. Ikopta  can add a different perspective to Weddings, Sporting events, promotional videos and even farming.

Ikopta works with architects and property developers to create images to communicate the overall vision of a project. By allowing interested parties to see the big picture, time is saved; preconceived concerns, incorrect assumptions and objections can be negated.

During the project, aerial records can be captured which can be a valuable visual marketing tool.

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