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DJI Mavic AIR Skyreat ND Filter Review

DJI Mavic AIR Skyreat ND Filter Review

DJI Mavic AIR Skyreat ND Filter Review. If you are serious about improving your drone aerial videos, then you need ND filters. If you are on a budget, then Skyreat filters may be an option.DJI Mavic AIR Skyreat ND Filter Review


Skyreat are a third party drone accessory company selling equipment for the DJI range of drones.

DJI Mavic AIR Skyreat ND Filter Review

Everything from tablet holds, controller clips, range extenders through to ND filters. Skyreats has a varied range of products to tempt you with.

ikopta tested out the Skreat ND 4pc polarising filter set for the DJI Mavic AIR which is available from Amazon.com for a wallet friendly $39usd.

Polarising Filters

Skyreat’s DJI Mavic Air Filters Polarizer Series are designed to reduce the shutter speed and glare, essential for cinematic aerial videos.

The Skyreat polariser filter replaces the existing DJI Mavic AIR drone lens bezel without affecting the gimbal balance.

DJI Mavic AIR Skyreat ND Filter ReviewEach filter uses multi-coated high quality glass and airframe grade aluminium for the frame keep the weight at a low 0.59 grammes.

The Skyreat polarising set comes in a rigid case and includes:

  • ND4 polariser
  • ND8 polariser
  • ND16 polariser
  • ND32 poloriser

They also claim a life-time warranty, although hard to find any detail of terms and conditions.

How do they perform?

With the low price point, compared to other drone ND filters, expectation levels were not high.

The Filters arrived within 5 days, well packaged but lacking on any instructional information. However, as there is only one way for them to fit, it didn’t take too long to figure out to how to install the filters.

DJI Mavic AIR Skyreat ND Filter Review

Ground testing the filters with the DJI Mavic AIR static, gimbal pointing up so as to get a contrasting exposure mix with two thirds sky. Native camera settings were 4k, 25fps shutter speed was 1/1600th of a second to get the right exposure.

To hit the target 1/50th of  a second shutter speed, need to reduce the light hitting the sensor by 5 stops, so the ND32 polarising filter was the one to use. The result was good, there was a slight adjustment needed as +0.3EV was on the EV indicator. This could have been down to the changing light levels, rather than the filter construction.

No degradation of image was noted in the short test, and comparing the images at 1/1600th & 1/50th with the filter shows no difference. So far so good.

How do they work as a polariser?

DJI Mavic AIR Skyreat ND Filter Review

It’s always difficult to show exactly what a polarising ND filter does to your images. the filter will, when the rotating bezel is in the right position, cut down on the light hitting reflective surfaces such as windows, water, buildings and light colours.

On a car window is one of the easiest ways top
demonstrate the effect of a polariser ND filter. Here you can see the sun reflecting on the

DJI Mavic AIR Skyreat ND Filter Review

window. When you turn the filter by 90 degrees, the light is refracted, leaving a clear view through the window.


Overall, the Skyreat ND polarising filter set are good value for money if your are on budget, or taking your first steps in drone video production. You do get what you pay for, and these my not be your “forever” lenses. Watch out for any added import charges.

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