Drone flying cinematic top tip #1

Drone flying cinematic top tip #1

Drone flying cinematic top tip #1. Before you start, start getting organised.

Drone flying cinematic top tip #1

For those seeking drone flying cinematic godlike status, nothing will hold you back more than not mastering the basics. Number one? Make sure you’re not shooting drone blanks.

Micro SD cards.

Drone flying cinematic top tip #1 is to make sure you have remembered the micro SD card. Simple you think, but many a great shot has been resigned to realms of hear say because the drone pilot was shooting dry. They forgot the micro SD card.

When flying drones, you can never have enough micro SD cards.

Get the right drone Micro SD card.

What’s worse than forgetting the micro SD card? getting the WRONG micro SD card. DJI drones carry some of the most powerful cinematic cameras on affordable drones in the world.

Drone flying cinematic top tip #1

But they are only as good as the storage device the images are written to. When you are shooting 4k, 100mps, 120fps you need a fast writing card. If it’s too slow, they images may not be recorded, you could miss that amazing moment because the last image is still being written.

When shopping, make sure you get a card with Class 10 or UHS-1 rating like THIS .

Also watch that you don’t get an SD card that has too much storage. I never go bigger than 32gb, and to guard against lost data, I change the SD card every time I change the drone battery. That way, if drone goes down, you have lost too much DFCG footage.

SD Card Storage.

Bonus top tip for drone pilots is the storage. Go waterproof and go colour… What?

To stop you accidentally overwriting that amazing drone footage go for two coloured water proof SD card cases, one green & one red. Keep the clean formatted SD cards in the green case, then when you change cards, secure the DFCG images in the red case. Drone flying cinematic top tip #1

Adding a simple colour question into your workflow with protect you from those schoolboy errors we have all made at some point in our careers.

If you fly drones, make sure you complete the latest UK drone consultation. So import that you do what ever your views. Read more HERE.