• 10/08/2020

Drone Manufacturer DJI Challenge BBC Anti-Drone Coverage

Drone Manufacturer DJI Challenge BBC Anti-Drone Coverage

Drone Manufacturer DJI Challenge BBC Anti-Drone Coverage.

DJI voiced disappointment at the BBC’s negative portrayal of drone technology and one-sided reporting based on hearsay.

The manufacture claims there is an established pattern of reporting by the BBC. Highlighting both during Panorama’s “The Gatwick Drone Attack” (April 15, 2019), and Horizon’s “Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones,” aired July 1, 2019.

Drone Manufacture DJI Challenge BBC Anti-Drone Coverage

DJI go on to say:

“The BBC is a public service broadcaster whose remit is to “inform, educate, and entertain.” We strongly believe that both these programs fall very short of informing and educating viewers in an impartial and accurate manner.”

DJI provided information

According to DJI, information was provided to the production company, but was omitted from the program.

Dr. Barbara Stelzner, Director, Marketing and Corporate Communication for DJI has written an open letter to the BBC. It outlines the inaccuracies in the program.

Dr Stelzner concluded with:

“We would welcome the opportunity to work with the BBC on a ‘Drones For Good’ documentary which would seek to go some way in addressing the balance in a currently extremely one-sided, negative media landscape”

Presenter Climbdown

The BBC 2 Horizon program was presented by High-risk specialist and former Royal Marine Aldo Kane.

Since transmission of the BBC 2 Horizon program, he has been trying to defuse the situation.

On an interview on LondonLive he went to great lengths to play down the validity of the Drone impact tests. Stating that there was no confirmed drone at Gatwick.

Drone Manufacture DJI Challenge BBC Anti-Drone Coverage

Aldo went on to say what GOOD drones do in the world today. Telling how most TV programs couldn’t be made with out them.

What Do YOU Think?

Love them or hate them drones are here to stay.

UK saw two prosecutions for drone misuse in 2018.

Compared to 2016 when 3 pedestrians were killed & 108 seriously injured by cyclists in the UK. Yet we are to see any legislation, or requirement to register your bike.

To contact BBC complaints department click HERE

Complaint to OfCom can be made HERE

Check out what NATS think of Drone flyers HERE

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