• 10/08/2020

FAA Backtrack on The remote ID “8” – It’s Just a Cohort.

FAA Backtrack on The remote ID “8” – It’s Just a Cohort. After last weeks press release from the FAA announcing the eight companies selected to help shape UAV remote ID. It may have been misinterpreted say the FAA.

FAA Backtrack on The remote ID "8" - It's  Just a Cohort.

So much so they felt it needed a follow up clarification email and a change of description.

It’s a Cohort..

Heres what the email said in blue:

Thanks for the questions we received after yesterday’s press release on the Remote ID Cohort.

Now, we’ve been over the original FAA press release a few times. The eight were definitely not called a “Remote ID Cohort” before..

To clarify, the Cohort is not part of the decision-making process for the proposed Remote ID rule final rule.

We may need further clarification. If they are NOT part of the decision-making process, but they develop the future requirements, are they not then steering the solution? We’re confused.

The Cohort will help the FAA develop technology requirements for other companies to develop applications needed for Remote ID

Ahh, ok… No, still confused. Is that not the same as saying “ok, here’s the plans for X,Y,Z go and make it for us” ?

Why do Government Depts. struggle to Communicate?

This is not the first time a government department has had to issue a follow clarification, to clarify the message they released the day before.

FAA Backtrack on The remote ID "8" - It's  Just a Cohort.

Only last month the CAA in the UK had to issue a followup to clarify what should have been a simple message about how many hours you needed to log when renewing a PFCO in these weird times. UAV pilot flight logged time.

Why can’t regulators talk to us in plain speak? Why do they use words that aren’t in the day to day language of most of us mortals? I fear we shall never know.

The shame is, when you talk to representatives from the regulators they don’t use obscure words from a long dead language. You can understand what they are say, they have the ability to get the message across in one go.

Fact is no matter how important the message is, it’s all about the delivery. Until they stop talking to UAV flyers as if they were commercial airline pilots, they will miss the mark every time.

What is a cohort? Depends on where you look.

It’s an ancient Roman military unit, comprising six centuries, equal to one tenth of a legion. Says wikipedia, not sure that describes the selected eight.

FAA Backtrack on The remote ID "8" - It's  Just a Cohort.

Another description they use ..

A group of people with a shared characteristic.”a cohort of civil servants patiently drafting legislation”

Unfortunately for the FAA, that’s what the majority will see when looking up cohort, “Drafting legislation“. Maybe it’s the time to stop the jargon, stop treat recreational flyers as commercial airline pilots and start talking our language for a change.

For full details for the FAA news release on UAS/UAV Remote ID click HERE.

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