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FAA Drone Response Deadline 15/04/2019 have your say.

FAA Drone Response Deadline 15/04/2019 have your say.

FAA Drone Response Deadline 15/04/2019 have your say. The FAA have issued notice of proposed rule making.

FAA Drone Response Deadline 15/04/2019 have your say.

The FAA proposes to amend its rules applicable to the operation of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

But the deadline for responses to the planned changes is 15/04/2019… Monday, so time is short.

What are the planned changes?

  1. Night Operations
  2. Operations Over People
  3. Other requirements for manufacturers
  4. Rules Applicable to Individuals who modify small UAS
  5. Other Requirements for Operators
  6. Waivers
  7. Changes to Part 107
  8. Security Considerations
  9. Compliance and Enforcement Tools.

Full details can be found on the changes can be found here

How will you be affected?

DJI have been one of the only UAS drone manufacturers to forward an opinion and offer USA drone flyers guidance on submitting a response.

FAA Drone Response Deadline 15/04/2019 have your say.

Drone professionals know society has barely tapped the potential of this transformative technology, and we appreciate the FAA’s willingness to listen to the voices of people who use drones every day as they craft these necessary rules,” said Brendan Schulman, DJI Vice President of Policy & Legal Affairs

“Given how vital these rules are for every professional drone pilot in America, it is surprising to see how few comments have been received. We strongly encourage professional drone operators and fleet operators to read the FAA’s proposals and submit their perspectives on how to ensure drones can handle expanded responsibilities safely.”

Read the DJI news release here.

Where are the other Manufacturers?

What ever the motivation, DJI should take a bow for actively engaging with regulators, informing and trying to mobilise its customer base top be heard.

What other manufacturers take the initiative? If you fly Yuneec maybe get in contact with them and ask what they are doing? The silence is deafening.

Devil in the Detail.

It can be easy to be drawn into the headline changes. The response from DJI, although admirable & helpful to drone flyers. It is not the complete answer.

Remember their comments are from the manufactures stand point, not the drone flyers.

Rules were changed by the FAA in February on the way drone flyers had to mark-up their craft.

A similar inquiry in the UK has just closed its request for public responses.

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