• 29/05/2020

FAA Name the 8 Companies to setup Remote ID

FAA Name the 8 Companies to setup Remote ID.

FAA Name the 8 Companies to setup Remote ID. Remote ID is the ability of a drone to provide identification information that can be received by other parties.

FAA Name the 8 Companies to setup Remote ID

Who are the 8?

The 8 companies are:

These companies were selected through a Request for Information process in December 2018.

“The FAA will be able to advance the safe integration of drones into our nation’s airspace from these technology companies’ knowledge and expertise on remote identification,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao.

This initial group will support the FAA in developing technology requirements for other companies to develop applications needed for Remote ID. The applications will provide drone identification and location information to safety and security authorities while in flight.

What about drone Manufacturers ?

Absent from the list are manufactures of some of the most popular flying platforms being flown today.

DJI.com have just launched the Mavic Air 2 and have the enterprise launch of the Matrice300 heavy drone with rumoured 50min flight time.

With estimated 80% market share, and their own ID system.Many are asking why are they not. It could be down to where head office is and the hot/cold relationship with the current administration.

Second Round of Remote-ID Development

The technology is being developed simultaneously with the proposed Remote ID rule. Application requirements will be announced when the final rule is published.

The FAA will then begin accepting applications for entities to become Remote ID suppliers. The FAA will provide updates when other entities can apply to become qualified Remote ID USS on FAA.gov.

What ever the out come for existing recreational and commercial drone operators, one thing is clear.

The Airspace is Changing.

Read the Full FAA statement HERE.

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