• 03/06/2020

Gatwick Drone Investigation Shutdown

After 10 months, over £800,000.00 spent. The alleged Gatwick drone investigation has been shut down.

Gatwick Drone Investigation Shutdown

Sussex Police identified, investigated and ruled out 96 people of interest; two were arrested but later released with no further action being taken.

No Arrests Made

No other arrests have been made.

The incident was not deemed terror-related and police said there was no evidence to suggest it was either state-sponsored, campaign or interest-group led.

Assistant Chief Constable Dave Miller said: “With support from national experts, we have carried out an exhaustive criminal investigation but, without new information coming to light, there are no further realistic lines of enquiry at this time.”

It does ask the question. What went wrong? Was there ever a drone? Who benefited from the #dronescare ?
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Why so much drone bashing?

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