• 11/07/2020

How to Take Your DJI Mavic Pro Drone on a Plane

How to Take Your DJI Mavic Pro Drone on a Plane

How to Take Your DJI Mavic Pro Drone on a Plane is the most commonly asked question on the DJI Mavic Pro forums.

How to Take Your DJI Mavic Pro Drone on a Plane

The DJI Mavic Pro has portability at its very core. It
was designed for travel and adventure. But How?

I have travelled with many drones, and the DJI Mavic pro drone has to be the easiest to travel with by a country mile.

So, in no particular order, here are my sure-fire tips for trouble free travel with your DJI Mavic Pro Drone.

#1 Check it’s OK to take your Little Friend

There are some countries in the world that will not allow you to visit with a UAV/Drone. Normally, these countries are not on the itinerary of the regular tourist, but some may be a bit of surprise.  There may be a little voice saying “It’s ok, just say you didn’t know”. The punishment can be extreme and expensive.

See if drones are allowed HERE

#2 Who you flying with?

The real risk to airline safety, is the LiPo battery, the life-blood of the DJI Mavic Pro drone. Most airlines follow the standard battery guidance as laid out by IATA

Some airlines go further, imposing tighter restrictions on battery allowances, some are even refusing to carry them at all. Moral of the story? Check with the airline they will allow Lipo batteries on board.

#3 What Goes Where?

How to Take Your DJI Mavic Pro Drone on a Plane

Important to understand what goes where, or rather what doesn’t go there on a commercial airliner. Golden rule, batteries go nowhere near the hold, they MUST be in your carry on luggage. The DJI Mavic Pro is small/ light and very portable. DJI have made it easy for the die-hard traveller. Salvation comes in the form of the DJI Mavic pro travel bag  

#4 Keep it Covered

It’s all batteries. Make sure the batteries are at 50% charge or below. Make sure the terminals are covered. This can be easily done with electrical tape. However, I like to travel as light as I can, so I have opted for terminal covers from Aero3d 

#5 See the Sights

You all arrive safe and sound, make sure you understand the air rules. For example, If in the USA, make sure you register your drone. If in Canada, keep 5km away from any airport. If in Thailand, be carful what you film. Where ever you land, always fly safe.

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