• 08/08/2020

My Top 5 Accessories every Drone flyer shouldn’t be without.

My Top 5 Accessories every Drone flyer shouldn’t be without.

My Top 5 Accessories every Drone flyer shouldn’t be without. While owning & flying drones is the new rock ‘n’ Roll, there will always be the world and his brother manufacturing and trying to sell us the “must have” things we didn’t even know we needed.

There are some inspired pieces of design that make you wonder,  why the drone manufactures didn’t think of it? Others, you have to wonder what they were thinking!

#1 Anemometer Digital LCD Wind Speed Meter

My Top 5 Accessories every Drone flyer shouldn't be without.

Simple to use, it could save your drone. My first “must-have” is a digital anemometer, ideal for measuring how strong the wind is and which way it is blowing. 

What I like is that you can change the way it reads the wind. Its great the anemometer can switched from the current wind speed, to average wind speed and finally to maximum wind speed. The maximum windspeed setting I found of most use as a drone flyer.

My Top 5 Accessories every Drone flyer shouldn't be without.

The ground wind speed is a good indication to the air wind speed. Important to know if your drone has a max speed of 10 m/s and on the ground its already maxing at 8 m/s. As you know, higher you climb,  two things happen. The wind speed can increase, and the direction can change. Veering or backing depending where in the world you are.

The temperature is handy for battery management. Batteries are slaves to temperature, it effects the amount of flying time you will get.

Full spec & pricing can be found: HERE

#2 SD Card

Essential for capturing & storing images, the SD card is often over looked. Even with the best camera, drone & lens setup but if you’re using the wrong card, you could end up with mush.

My Top 5 Accessories every Drone flyer shouldn't be without.

Drone flyers who want to capture 4K footage should look at UHS-1 Micro SD cards. They are recommended due to their fast read and write speeds allowing you to save high-resolution video data.

I would recommend looking at the SanDisk Extreme 32GB Extreme Card. Upto 100 minutes of 4k recording & write speed of about 40bits p/s. Any bigger, I think you could be paying for storage will never use.

I have got into the habit of changing SD cards when I change batteries, that way if the unthinkable happens a few flights in, I haven’t lost ALL the images/footage.

Full Specs & Current Prices can be found: HERE

#3 SD Card Case

The value of a commercial drone flyer is not measure by how much the drone cost, but by the quality of the images. If you can’t deliver the images to the client, then how are you getting paid?

My Top 5 Accessories every Drone flyer shouldn't be without.
  • Tough and water-resistant polycarbonate case for carrying memory cards.
  • Integrated Silicone waterproof seal. Anti static compound holds cards firm.Tough resin clamp ensures cards are safely locked away from the weather, water, damp, dust and anything else which could damage your memory cards and data.
  • Integrated strap loop allowing the case to be looped onto most camera straps for safe keeping or attached to camera bags/equipment bags etc ( carabiner is included).
  • You can put total 12 pcs SDHC / SD cards and 12 pcs MicroSD card in the both side slots. Each slot is strictly tailored to fit the card perfectly. There is a note that you can write something to distinguish the data inside, and also the note can keep the cards where it is firmly.
  • The high quality storage drawstring bag can keep your action cam or small camera with accessories safe and organised.

This are is perfect for any drone flyer/film maker to protect those cards. Full spec & Prices: HERE


#4 Landing Pad

My Top 5 Accessories every Drone flyer shouldn't be without.

My number 4 surprises even me. For a long time I saw the Landing Pad as a gimmick, I thought it was pointless. As someone once said, “Don’t knock it, til you’ve tried it!”.

I’m a recent convert to this pop-up little gem. A must for any drone with a low under carriage.

I like the compass points, the fact it’s reversible and light weight. Things to watch, when you open storage bag it can spring up light an excited jack-in-the-box. And although says its water proof, I would suggest letting dry out, before storing in the bag.

Full Spec and prices: HERE

#5 Spare USB Cables

Yes, spare USB cables. Most Drones, especially DJI need a cable connection from the controller to the smart phone/tablet/display. This can be you weak link due to the abuse cables endue.
I carry at least two sets when flying, just in case! My favourite for the iPhone/iPad  at the moment is the Right-angled lightening cable. It comes in a range of lengths to suit any requirement, the right angle is comfortable in the hand and doesn’t stress the cable connection.

Full spec & prices: HERE

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Above all, enjoy droning & Fly safe.

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