• 10/08/2020

New UK/EU Drone Regulation Delayed Again

New UK/EU Drone Regulation Delayed Again

New UK/EU Drone Regulation Delayed Again. The CAA announced on Friday.

New UK/EU Drone Regulation Delayed Again

For the second time the proposed European Union Unmanned Aircraft Systems Implementing Regulation 2019/947 (EU UAS IR 2019/947) delayed.

This decision supersedes the previous delay applied by the UK Government.  Therefore, the Implementing Regulation will now become applicable within the UK on Thursday 31 December 2020.

What does delay mean for UK Drone flyers?

It’s no surprise that the New UK/EU Drone Regulation Delayed Again. Covid-19 has meant more the usual creaking legislative machine has ground to a halt on non-essential matters in Europe.

New UK/EU Drone Regulation Delayed Again

The original EU UAS regulation would mean that for some, the requirement to hold a CAA issues permission for commercial operations (PfCO) would disappear.

In what would be classified as open category airspace, if using a compliant drone, a drone flyer would be able to engage in commercial work with no other paperwork than the basic drone registration.

No long will permission to fly be based on the purpose of the flight.

To Re-New or Not Re-New?

The delay to the new regulations will be heaping further frustration to an already batter drone industry.

NQE’s have already investing in course material and taking bookings before lock down was initiated.

Estimates twenty percent of existing UK PfCO holders work in predominately open category airspace.

Now those with renewal dates from July 2020, the original launch date, to December 2020 will have renew PfCO’s if they want to keep operating legally.

Will the CAA be offering a reduced term PfCO to help out?

Not at this Tim,. but they say ” CAP1789 ‘The EU UAS Regulatory Package – Outline’ will be updated in the coming days to reflect the new applicability date of this regulation”.

For the moment, the PfCO lives on.

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