Aerial Filming

Why Use a Ikopta for UAV Aerial Filming?

Ikopta Drones (UAVs) for aerial film work are cheaper to operate than a full-scale helicopter, less intrusive, more convenient, fast to set-up, portable, safer and can fly under 400ft.

Why go to the expense of an individual PFCO when Ikopta can fly for you. ikopta works in partnership with production companies to deliver stunning aerial images for broadcast, web & commercial projects.

Why use ikopta for Aerial Filming?:


When working to a budget, cost is everything. Ikopta use Drones and other unmanned technology to capture amazing aerial images at a fraction of the cost of using other manned aircraft systems.


Drones are the ultimate flying camera. ikopta’s drone technology can produce shots that normally require bulky Jibs, cranes and camera stabilisation equipment.

Non Intrusive

Air regulations restrict the movement of  manned aircraft. With drones, ikopta can get closer to the subject matter. The drones used by ikopta range in size. From micro to heavy lift. Drones can operate inside buildings and through doorways


Subject to conditions, from arrival on site, ikopta can be ready to shoot in under 30 mins. ikopta requires minimal space to operate, and because of the speed at which the equipment can be set up, it is possible to cover several locations in a day.


All of ikoptas equipment is maintained to the highest standards. This means we have a high degree of reliability and an impeccable safety record. We follow strict guidelines for the use of UAV aerial equipment in film and television production. All ikopta pilots are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.


Ikopta’s UAV smart batteries are powered by renewable energy, produced by Ikopta’s Solar PV generating plant.

Aerial Filming

Contact Ikopta today to discuss you project. With Ikopta, Aerial filming just became affordable!