Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Why Use a Drone for Aerial Photography?

Ikopta Drones (UAVs) for Aerial Photography work are cheaper to operate than a full-scale helicopter, less intrusive, more convenient, fast to set-up, portable, safe and can fly lower.

 than manned aviationAerial Photography
  • LOW WORKING HEIGHT Ikopta can operate form 1 to 120 metres
  • MORE CONVENIENT can frame the shot in a fraction of the time
  • LESS INTRUSIVE Limited down wash, quieter, most cases wildlife not disturbed
  • MORE MANOEUVRABLE  Drones can operate inside buildings and through doorways
  • FAST SET-UP Most of the time, from safety briefing we can be airborne & read to shoot in under 10 mins
  • SAFE & RELIABLE All of Ikopta’s equipment is checked pre flight. Ikopta follows strict CAA guidelines for aerial work in motion picture & television production.
  • GREEN TECHNOLOGY Ikopta’s UAV smart batteries are powered by renewable energy, produced by Solar PV generating plant. Zero emissions. Low on noise

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