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Top 3 starter drones to buy for beginners

Top 3 starter drones to buy for beginners

You have scanned down the Christmas or birthday wish list from that special person and see the inevitable word put in hope. DRONE.

But where to start? How much to spend? Will you get he right one? Why are there so many!

Don’t panic! The elves  at ikopta have endured the pain of false promises to bring you the top 3 starter drones to buy for Christmas.

Health & Wealth Warning.

Before we start be warned! Flying drones can become addictive and expensive. Drone technology is moving quicker than they can sell them. Flying skills will improve, you will want the latest and greatest and before you know it the family fortune takes a hit.

Remember to fly safe. Although toy like, drones could cause damage to people & property. Abide by you local drones rules & regulations. You can find links to your countries regulator: HERE.

Top 3 Starter Drones

Number 1

#1 Is also the cheapest drone  on the list. The E010 mini drone from Eachine can be yours for less than $/£20.

Top 3 starter drones to buy for Christmas

With its in-built prop guards this little puppy is near on indestructible. The kit comes with battery, spare props, USB charger and the micro drone in a choice of colours. Red, green, blue & black.

You will love the lack of set up required, charge the battery and your are good to go for nearly six minutes of flying fun. The start procedure is straight forward, but will avoid surprise lift off.

Top tip would be to make sure you buy a few extra batteries to keep the fun times rolling. Why not push the boat out? Why not buy two? Go for different colours then you can hold office head to head drone races, or settle once & for all who really is the family Top-Gun.

Full Details: HERE

Number 2

#2 Mid-range of the gift budget, but an amazing training drone. The Fader  drone IS the missing link between toy & proper unmanned technology. Stable to fly and has a camera.

Top 3 starter drones to buy for Christmas

Ready to fly right out of the box, this drone features advances in drone technology that make flying a breeze. With FADER’s auto take-off and land functionality, you can take on skillful maneuvers that would previously have carried a serious crash risk.

It feels like the money. Well made, durable and flies well inside & out (in a light breeze). This ideal for those just starting out or experienced pilots who want something to practice, fly in ATTI mode when the heavens have opened out-side.

Just under £/$100 but worth every penny. Full details HERE.

Number 3

#3 Reaching the summit of anyones Christmas budget is the DJI Spark. Light, portable and a tech filled package that makes the baby of the DJI range a must on any top drone list.

Top 3 starter drones to buy for Christmas

The DJI Spark has a class smashing range of still image resolutions:

  • 3968×2976 when shooting without tracking an object
  • 1440×1080 when tracking an object in ActiveTrack or Gesture mode
  • 1440×1080 with ShallowFocus
  • 2300×1280 with Pano (horizontal)
  • 960×1280 with Pano (vertical)

Ideal for vloggers wanting to shoot 1080p video. Quickshot programs that will take your selfies to stratospheric levels and the only drone that you can controller with just your open hand like a Jedi master.

Full details can be found HERE.

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So there you have it, Top 3 drones you should have on the buying list. If you buying for anyone who already has a drone, check-out:

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Top 3 starter drones to buy for Christmas

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