• 11/07/2020

UK GOV E-Scooter Public Consultation Deadline 2nd JUNE 2020

UK GOV E-Scooter Public Consultation Deadline 2nd JUNE 2020

UK GOV E-Scooter Public Consultation Deadline 2nd JUNE 2020. have you say before it’s too late.

In an advanced policy move due to covid-19 public transport issues, the UK government launched a flash public consultation on legalising public electric scooter rentals.

Could this break the draconian law that bans electric scooters from public cycle ways and footpaths?

Have Your Say!

Any responses to e-scooter trials consultation received after the 2nd June 2020 will not be considered.

UK GOV E-Scooter Public Consultation Deadline 2nd JUNE 2020

The UK Government want to determine future policy on whether micromobility vehicles should be allowed on the road and, if so, what rules should apply to them.

The evidence they gather in trials will help shape future Legislation.

Take part in the consultation HERE

Electric Scooter Questions.

So, what are they asking in the E-Scooter Public Consultation? Well, so quite far reaching questions that could affect e-scooter rider/owners in the future.

  • E-Scooter Definition
  • MAX Speed Limit
  • MAX Motor Power
  • Licensing Regulation
  • Helmet use
  • Age Limit
  • Highway use

During trials, e-scooters will continue to be classed as motor vehicles, meaning requirements to have insurance and the correct type of driving licence will continue to apply.

In the future following trials, the UK government may look to amend the law to treat e-scooters more like EAPCs.

Can we Use E-Scooters Now?

So close, and yet so far. You would think that if it reduces the pressure on public transport, the UK government would be allow e scooters everywhere now.

The government state:

It is important that trials take place in a safe and controlled way, and that we can gather robust, meaningful data.

That is why only selected rental e-scooters will be allowed in trials. Privately owned e-scooters will remain illegal to use on the road, cycle lanes and tracks and pavements.

Whatever your leaning on e-scooters being good thing or bad, have you say. Just make sure you do it before 2nd June 2020. Do it HERE

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