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Ultimate Recreational Drone Insurance guide 2018

Ultimate Recreational Drone Insurance guide 2018

Ultimate Recreational Drone Insurance guide 2018. For UAV/drone flyers in the UK that want to be insured when enjoying their hobby., where do you go?

Insurance types.

That said, the world is becoming increasingly litigious. One of the most asked questions on the ikopta YouTube channel is: “where can I get insurance?!”

Ultimate Recreational Drone Insurance guide 2018

Before you rush out to buy drone insurance, there are a few points to clear up. Unless you engage in commercial drone activity in the UK, there is no legal requirement to hold drone/UAV insurance. This may change with the introduction of the UK Drone Bill 2018.
Public Liability Insurance could protect you from claims from 3rd parties if they were to be injured or have material loss from as a direct result from you enjoying your hobby.

Insurance cover is available for the equipment against theft, accidental damage & fly-aways.

Do you need all of the above?

Where to go?

Ultimate Recreational Drone Insurance guide 2018 from ikopta is based on our research, is an overview of what is currently available. Ikopta makes NO endorsement. You should always make your own enquiries & ALWAYS read the small print.




Flyicarus are an internet based Insurance tech company, combining traditional insurance values with innovative technology to bring you the latest drone related coverages at the click of a button.



  • Up-to £250k Public liability
  • Flyaways covered
  • Theft cover
  • Multiple pilots covered on same UAV/drone
  • Online application

Watch-out for

  • Only for the UK, no foreign travel cover.
  • Insurance only covers pilots over 18 years old
  • Excess is 10% of agreed value (minimum £50)
  • You become a member of a club

ikopta requested insurance quote for the DJI Mavic Pro flymore combo pack with an iPad mini 4 Total cover required £1500.00 with £250k public liability cover.

The online process was very straight forward and easy to use. Flyicarus quoted £340.26 with IPT.

If amount insured was dropped to £500 cover, DJI Spark territory. The premium quoted was £263.20
All cover is subject to compliance to the CAA drone rules & regulations as defined under the air navigation order.


Ultimate Recreational Drone Insurance guide 2018

Coverdrone was one of the first insurance providers for commercial UAV/drone operators. Through their Coverdrone fly-safe app they now provide “per-day” insurance cover.

This is a short term, 1 to 7 day policy is a point of use product integrated into the fly-safe app powered by Altitude Angle. Available for recreational flyers it also provides airspace & safety hazard information in your flight area.



  • 3rd party cover £1million
  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • App based, anytime cover
  • Provide risk report
  • New for old cover
  • Covered outside UK (restrictions apply)

Watch-out for

  • Every flight needs to be logged
  • Up-to 7 days max cover at time
  • Expensive if looking at mid to long term insurance cover

The app is unique, easy to use and information is comprehensive. Under the proposed UK Drone Bill 2018, it will be a requirement for drone flyers to not only register, but also consult an airspace safety app before flight. Coverdrone seem to be ahead of the game by using altitude angles app.

To cover the DJI Mavic Pro Flymore package for 7 days the app quoted £75.03. Ideal for one offer cover requirements. The big question is if a recreational user wants insurance, will they not want cover for a year?

Country Cover Club

Ultimate Recreational Drone Insurance guide 2018

C³ Membership is available to all persons resident in the United Kingdom (defined as England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Scilly Isles, the Isle of Man, Channel Islands) and the Republic of Ireland.

Founded in 2008, with over 25,000 Memberships Insurance benefits including EU & Worldwide Extensions, Enhanced Personal Accident Cover, Gun & Sporting Equipment Cover and Drone & Model Aircraft Cover.



  • £12million PL Insurance
  • £10k Personal Accident cover
  • Free Online drone safety test
  • Worldwide cover available
  • Accidental Damage, loss & theft up-to £2.5k
  • Covers Fly-aways

Watch-out for

  • Covers the named user only
  • £500 excess for 3rd party claims
  • Excludes craft over 7kg
  • Must have the C3 Safety certificate
  • Must be a C3 member (£29.95/yr)

So far the C3 insurance seems to be the most “complete” package for recreational drone fliers by covering for theft/accidental damage and public liability insurance. Insurance cover is only in force when you are flying within the confines of the current CAA regulations.

Worldwide cover available . As a guide, the £1500 DJI Mavic Pro package could be insured for £252.85/Yr.


Ultimate Recreational Drone Insurance guide 2018

FPV UK is a club originally formed to champion and protect the hobby/ sport of FPV flying. All members are covered by a £5m public liability insurance which covers all recreational drone and RC model flying.



  • Liability Insurance only 19.99 (membership)
  • £5m public liability
  • Covered by Royal Sun Alliance
  • £12 extra to cover Flight test cover.

Watch-out for

  • No accident/theft cover etc.
  • Cover only for UK/Europe
  • Member only cover

If you are looking for cheap public liability cover, this is hard to beat. As with any insurance, it’s all about how claims are dealt with. Insurance will be void if found that claim arose will operating outside the CAA regulations.

BMFA – British model flying Association

Ultimate Recreational Drone Insurance guide 2018

The BMFA is the National Governing Body for the sport of model flying. Its aims are to promote, protect, organise and encourage model flying within the UK. The membership organisation comes with an insurance



  • £25mil cover.
  • FPV covered.
  • No excess
  • Worldwide cover when lawfully flown

Watch-out for

  • Have to be a member
  • Check small print

Easy to join and at £34/year is not expensive. Cover is dependent on you adhering to the regulations as defined by the CAA as with all drone insurance available to recreational drone flyers.


As a drone/UAV is really a flying camera, a good place to seek out insurance is from photographic equipment insurers.

Ultimate Recreational Drone Insurance guide 2018

Eversure camera insurance offers great value policies, and allows you to customise your cover with a selection of additional policy options. With cover for theft, accidental loss or damage, unattended vehicles, hire of equipment and personal accident included as standard, you can also add worldwide travel cover, public liability and professional indemnity if required.




  • Theft/accidental loss & damage covered
  • New for old cover
  • No Admin fees
  • Personal accident
  • Worldwide cover available

Watch-out for

  • UK residents only
  • FPV racing not covered
  • No PL available to drones
  • £100 excess
  • No flyaway coverage

Easy to get online quote for your equipment if you are after accidental damage/ theft coverage etc. This policy will not cover you for Public liability insurance. Maybe worth using one of the PL only insurances above with this type of an “all in” cover. The DJI Mavic Pro package worth £1500 cover was quoted at £51-30.

Eversure could also be an alternative when DJI refresh cover expired. It also has the benefit of no verification video.

That was the Ultimate Recreational Drone Insurance guide 2018. If you are looking at insurance products, make sure they suit your requirements.

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