• 10/08/2020

Uploaded New Ikopta YouTube Film


Uploaded new Ikopta film to YouTube of the time spent with our good friends at Ground Designs make sure you take a look at some of their great building designs.

They were kind enough to let Ikopta fly around their Award winning Sedum House project up in sunny North Norfolk. It is an amazing concept where they utilised an existing sand-pit to bury the new build, hiding it from above.

For the flight, I used the DJI Inspire 1 UASV we have, which is called IKE (TINA is due in November, Don’t, I know!).  Tried to think of better names,  maybe should have run a competition?? IKE has now been in service for seven months, has covered over 16 kilometres and touch wood,  has landed safely 150 times.

The weather was good, a high cloud ceiling, bright sunshine, although the wind was deceptive because of the topography. When I hit 70m up above the roof line, the wind was blowing at significant speed, the veering was expected, just not that pronounced. This was the first time I’ve seen IKE at a near 45 degree angle while trying to maintain position!

That said, managed two, 15 flights with IKE, take 20 to 30 RAW stills, and 10mins of 4K video. While filming, I used some of the new DJI Inspire features that IKE has on board in his software. The first, and my lazy favourite, is the Point of Interest (POI) option. When you have set up your shot plan, which we at Ikopta cover on our client briefings, you flip the controller in to the F mode, and select the POI option. I select the location, set height, and radius, hit the go button and WOW. I never get bored of that mode, and when I adjust IKE’s altitude, manage to get some great shots.

I also played with the Waypoint settings. Great for repeated takes/shots, but does require a lot more camera focused actions, which from a safety aspect, is not great for a solo pilot/operator, and I would question the ability to be keeping true line of sight at all times.

Enjoy the film, and I would love to hear your views/comments. If you want some stunning images captured of your project, make contact with me here.




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